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The appointment of Lewis ‘first black F1 driver’ Hamilton is unsurprisingly the number one story among F1 bloggers this week.

But there are also those with plenty to say about the new green F1 and the state of F1 television. Read on for more in our weekly round-up.

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We need an F1 channel – F1 Blog’s Wingnutsc on the parlous state of F1 coverage and why he blames Bernie Ecclestone.

Black day for bookies as Hamilton joins F1 – Apparently a few smart people placed bets on Lewis Hamilton winning an F1 race years ago – and are set to cash in as he hits the big time with McLaren next year. I wonder what the odds will be on him emulating Giancarlo Baghetti and winning his debut Grand Prix? Or, for that matter, Heikki Kovalainen doing the same?

From the kerbside – In another piece on Hamilton From the Kerbside suggest rather too much emphasis is being placed on his ethnicity.

F1 tech: Wussy? – Wonderduck defends the latest FIA-mandated changes to F1 technology.

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