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Lewis Hamilton is still making the headlines this week – he’s going to have to get used to it. Kamui Kobayashi takes a Toyota for a spin and McLaren, not content with having nabbed a double world champion in Fernando Alonso, brought their last one back for some testing.

This and more in the weekly F1 news round-up.

Dennis delivers on F1 seat promised to rookie Hamilton – Lewis Hamilton’s appointment at McLaren continues to make headlines, here in the Daily Telegraph and also in The Independent. The endless “first black F1 driver” remarks may strike many as being patronising, but one look at this piece at Heartbeatnews.com, a Caribbean news service, underlines just what potential there is for Hamilton to open up F1 to people who previously may have ignored it. That can only be a good thing.

Formula One revs up for first tests of new era – Everyone’s been talking about ‘eras’ this year – the end of the Schumacher era, the era of peace, the era of green F1. F1 went back to testing this week with Mark Webber making his first appearance for Red Bull, among other changes. (Source: Reuters)

Kobayashi enjoys F1 debut – Kamui Kobayashi made his first F1 appearance for Toyota, as reported by F1Racing.net. Toyota also appointed a new team vice-chairman in Tadashi Yamashina, according to The Guardian.

Former champion Hakkinen to test Formula One car – McLaren gave 1998-9 double champion Mika Hakkinen his first run in an F1 car since quitting the sport in 2001. He lapped slowest on the day and is thought to have been brought in to help Hamilton learn the ropes. (Source: International Herald Tribune)

Valencia govt. to fund city centre F1 track – F1 may have a second Spanish round soon, no doubt to capitalise on the popularity of Fernando Alonso. Rather than use the tight, twisty, bike-orientated Valencia, Bernie Ecclestone is apparently keen on a dock-side street circuit, which sounds similar to what South Korea have planned for 2010. (Source: ThinkSpain)

Rossi to compete in ’07 Rally GB – He turned down F1, he flirted with DTM, now he’s rallying again. Valentino Rossi is surely going to end up in four-wheeled motor sport soon… (Source: Eurosport)

F1 critical for Ferrari – New Ferrari General Manager (replacing Jean Todt) Amadeo Felisa on the importance of motor sport for the hugely successful luxury car brand. (Source: the carconnection.com)

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