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In the F1 blogs this week why Fox covering F1 in America is a good idea and why Super Aguri’s Friday testing proposal is probably not.

Plus some Ron Dennis-bashing and a big cheer for ‘little Ant’. (All blog links external)

Dear Ron – Grace is losing patience with McLaren F1 boss Ron Dennis: “We want results, not PR.”

Super Aguri’s Friday idea – Super Aguri want to force teams to run at least one test driver on Fridays. I can see the advantage in that but my concern is that it would force teams to exclude one of their race drivers from Friday testing.

That can only lead to teams excluding the same driver from Friday testing for the entirety of a season, and in no time at all every team is subscribing to the ‘Team Schumacher’ approach where all the effort is put behind a single driver.

Anthony Davidson feature in the Daily Telegraph – The spotlight may be on Lewis Hamilton at the moment but Anthony Davidson’s fans haven’t lost sight of the fact that their man gets his big chance in 2007.

Fantastic news for US F1 fans! – American F1 fans welcome the news that the unpopular CBS channel will lose F1 coverage for four rounds of the season to Fox in 2007, the rest remaining on Speed. Fox will use Speed’s popular commentary team of Bob Varsha, David Hobbs, Steve Matchett and Peter Windsor.

When people talk about making F1 popular in the United States the importance of ensuring that American F1 TV coverage is up to scratch has perhaps been neglected. Especially as Fox will be broadcasting the two North American rounds (US and Canada) live.

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