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F1 bloggers reacted to the sad news of Clay Regazzoni’s death this week.

Also in the blogs – more Schumacher conspiracies, photographs from the FIA Gala, and is the sun setting on Rubens Barrichello’s career?

Read on to find out…

Clay Regazzoni – Of course many have been moved to write about the untimely passing of former Ferrari and Williams racer Clay Regazzoni. Full Throttle and Blog F1 provide some thoughts and Jalopnik has some video of the man in action during his career.

Champions all around – It’s the Race of Champions tonight – sadly the only F1 driver participating is David Coulthard – Jenson Button and Scott Speed having withdrawn due to injuries.

At Jerez 10 seasons ago – The Motor Racing Journal turns its attentions to one of the controversies of the 1997 European Grand Prix.

Not Michael Schumacher’s clas with Jacques Villeneuve, nor the allegations that Williams and McLaren colluded to orchestrate the race result. But rather the astonishing claims of former Sauber racer Norberto Fontana that he was ordered to let Schumacher past and impede Villeneuve.

What’s more, these claims do seem to be borne out by footage of the race. Only more controversy for the ‘Schumacher’ pile.

Hello Marco, Goodbye Rubens? – As Marco Andretti slides into the cockpit of an F1 machine for the first time, should F1 veteran Rubens Barrichello be worried about losing his Honda seat?

Pictures from the FIA Gala – F1 is great, but you can’t deny that it has some truly mind-boggling idiosyncrasies. Whoever decided that the sport would be best served by having its prize giving ceremony as a near-secret end-of-year affair does not have their head screwed on straight. Here’s asome pictures of the goings-on at the annual FIA Gala.

Honda to unveil innovative livery in 2007 – Are Honda going to go green with their 2007 theme?

Absolut Kimi! – Finally, Ferrari boss Jean Todt has warned Kimi Raikkonen to keep his indiscretions – er – discreet.

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