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With the holiday season drawing in the F1 blogs have quietened down.

But discussion still goes on about the future of Jacques Villeneuve, the Max Mosley vs GPDA safety row, and McLaren’s (ultimately successful) endeavours to get Fernando Alonso behind the wheel before the year was out.

Read on for more.

Villeneuve: NASCAR or DTM? – Some speculation on Full Throttle as to where 1997 F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve will go having been dropped by BMW. A switch the the DTM with either of BMW’s domestic rivals Mercedes or Audi would surely be most appropriate…

McLaren: Price for a testing – According to this (curiously titled) story, McLaren had to pay top dollar to get a day’s testing in with Fernando Alonso before the end of 2006. But the source is German tabloid Bild so take it with a pinch of salt.

Back in your box drivers – Max Mosley used his latest column in F1 Racing to fire off another round in the direction of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association for daring to make public their feelings on driver safety. As ever, Mosley outlines his perfectly reasoned and reasonable point of view, then spoils it all with his penchant for patronisation and bombast.

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