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McLaren Mercedes pit, 2006In this week’s round-up of stories in the F1 blogs: The FIA release the 2009 technical regulations, thoughts on holding an F1 ‘night race’, top drivers, season reviews, and funny goings-on in the world of NASCAR.

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FIA Christmas Message – The 2009 F1 technical regulations appeared on the FIA’s website on Friday 23rd December – two days before Christmas. Are the FIA trying to sneak out some controversial changes ‘under the radar’?

F1 needs a night race – Some interesting speculation on how a night race could fit into the F1 calendar. It seems to me like a sensible way of having an F1 race in an exotic new location while still being able to broadcast the event at a reasonable hour in Europe. Make it happen, Bernie!

NASCAR vs the Federal Election Commission
– A funny little story for those keeping an eye on F1’s number one rival (in America at least), NASCAR.

Mark Webber, Williams-Cosworth, Suzuka, 2006Top 10 F1 drivers of 2006The Mark Webber blog pick the top racers of this year – but surprisingly their boy’s not number one…

2006 year in review – Formula One – A look back on the 2006 season from My Weird Wired World.

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