Video: Building an F1 Ferrari from Lego

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A little bit of F1 video fun. Those of you who saw the F1Fanatic Xmas list last month might well have guessed that I was hoping Santa might bring me one of those belting Ferrari Lego sets.

Well, he didn’t, but my girlfriend did – and here it is: a 1:8 scale Ferraro Lego model assembling together before your very eyes.

Thanks to Alex Eckford for sticking the video together and, of course, massive thanks to Poppy for the fantastic present. Sorry again about the ironing board cover.

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4 comments on “Video: Building an F1 Ferrari from Lego”

  1. Nikos Darzentas
    10th January 2007, 12:28

    YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME! How much does that cost? Can you sit inside? :-)

  2. I must confess, Santa left me one of these as well. It took me most of the day to build, but I think the girlfriend was pleased with the piece and quiet. I’m still a kid at heart!

  3. Well mine’s faster than yours :-p

  4. That’s only because you saved on the weight by not sticking the stickers on it! ;)

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