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In the F1 news this week India and Portugal are bidding to host a Grand Prix – and Suzuka are hoping to get theirs back.

Plus Jarno Trulli hails the GPDA and Adrian Sutil does the same for Lewis Hamilton.

Read on for these and more.

India could host F1 race in 2009, says new sponsor
– India is one of the countries that has most persistently been connected with efforts to hold a Grand Prix. The potential for a race now seems greater than ever as Kingfisher Airlines, new sponsor to the Toyota team, are involved.

Portimao welcomes P1, chases F1? – Meanwhile former Grand Prix hos Portugal is looking to resume the event it last held in 1996. But not at the former venue of Estoril, rather a new track in Portimao.

Honda to revamp axed Suzuka circuit – Dropped F1 venue Suzuka in Japan may bid to return to the F1 calendar if owner Honda decides to give it a lick of paint and, rumour has it, sort out the somewhat whiffy hotels.

Sutil downplays Lewis’ praise – New Spyker driver ADrian Sutil has responded to the praise of former F3 team mate-turned McLaren race Lewis Hamilton. Sutil said: “We learned a lot from each other and pushed real hard when we were team mates at ASM.” Are they in cahoots or what?

CVC prepares for hostile takeovers – F1’s owners CVC have equipped themselves to make bold moves and buy companies who owners may not wish to sell. Which suggests CVC plan to expand their portfolio beyond the world’s number one motor sport…

Motorsport: Amon bumps out Formula One greats in the ‘lickety-split’ stakes – Showing just how much New Zealand’s press back their sporting legends, F1 Racing’s list of the 50 ‘quickest’ F1 drivers made headlines over their as it included Chris Amon, the Kiwi widely claimed to have been the best driver never to win a race. If you’ve not seen the top 50, find it here.

Trulli hails improved safety at F1 tests – The GPDA’s efforts to improve safety standards at F1 tests have borne fruit, claims Jarno Trulli. But will GPDA critic FIA President Max Mosley have anything good to say about it?

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