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The second of the Brunswick formula One season DVDs covers the year of Jackie Stewart’s second World Championship: 1971.

These videos are real treats: full-colour footage of F1’s formative years. This particular season saw Jackie Stewart capture his second world title.

1971 was not a vintage season, but does that stop the DVD from being any good?

Like many of the Brunswick DVDs this is not a complete account of the season.

It misses only one of the eleven rounds – the Italian Grand Prix at Monza – but as luck would have it that proved one of the most memorable Grands Prix of all time. One-time winner Peter Gethin led home four other cars in a few tenths of a second in a photo-finish.

But other landmarks of interested are captured, however, such as Mario Andretti’s first Grand Prix win, in the South African Grand Prix.

Ronnie Peterson emerged as easily the most impressive rookie driver, finishing second overall in his first year. The video captures some of his impressive early outings for March, including a memorable second place at Monte-Carlo.

This is also the first DVD in the series to feature footage from the Nurburgring, as the track was off the calendar in 1970.

As is the case with much Grand Prix footage until the late seventies, not much of the film concentrates on specific or memorable parts of the action. The commentator is often left to narrate all the important events that happened off-camera.

It is a shame, too, that this disc, like the other, does not feature any material from the non-championship races, which were still an important part of the Grand Prix calendar in the 1970s.

But that doesn’t take anything away from this fine and rare collection of material from the 1970s.

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