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Don’t miss our second-ever ‘Post of the Week’ – part of our round up of the latest on F1 from the blogging world.

Featuring reaction to the McLaren launch, some surprising lap times from Super Aguri, and the latest controversial rules change…

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

BMW F1.07 Slim and low

A few technical thoughts on the new BMW from Downforce 32.

More F1 in the blogs

Ferrari F1: A dynasty in transition – Short historical piece on Ferrari on Bytes of Italy.

Hakkinen won’t race for Toro Rosso – A surprising rumour I hadn’t heard anywhere else which, perhaps less surprisingly, turned out to be untrue…

McLaren Mercedes has plenty to look forward to in this seasonSports Maniac looks forward to McLaren’s season – more at 0-60mph mag.

Most stupid decision ever?Sofa F1 aren’t impressed with the potential new Champ Car-esque ‘red tyre’ rule promoted by Bridgestone.

Watch out for that Taku fellow – Takuma Sato was a creditable tenth in the last round of 2006, now Anthony Davidson goes quick in testing. Are Super Aguri dark horses for 2007?

Interview: Keith Collantine from F1Fanatic – Of course I’m too modest to promote this as ‘post of the week’ – but here’s Blog F1’s interview with yours truly.

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