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A sackful of stories in the F1 news this month.

Including interviews with Bernie Ecclestone, Damon Hill, Juan Pablo Montoya and Lewis Hamilton plus possible future Grands Prix in Abu Dhabi and Greece, Prodrive getting ready to make their F1 debut in 2008 and loads more.

Transcript Bernie Ecclestone, President & CEO of Formula OneCNN grab a rare interview with Bernie Ecclestone where he tells them all about… buns and cakes.

Q&A Damon HillCrash.net get a bit more out of their interview with Damon Hill. And it seems he, too, is tipping Kimi Raikkonen to be champion.

Webber puts boot into his old team – Mark Webber describes his two years with Williams as, “a setback” for his career.

So will it be Lewis to the rescue? – Lewis Hamilton in The Independent’s media supplement on how sponsors are already queuing up to use his image.

Lewis: I’m in it to win – Closer to home Hamilton’s local paper, The Welwyn & Hatfied Times, looks forward to his F1 debut.

Juan Pablo Montoya interview
– The Colombian ex-F1 driver reckons his countrymen prefer NASCAR to F1.

Ruminations on street racing – Is F1’s future in the cities? Grandprix.com reckon it might.

F1 clash means A1 pause for Karthikeyan – 2005 F1 racer Narain Karthikeyan made his A1 Grand Prix debut in Taupo, New Zealand last weekend – but he’ll miss the next round while on test duties with Williams.

Schumacher’s heirs race for his crownThe Times profiles the chances of Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Jenson Button and Giancarlo Fisichella in 2007.

Super Aguri F1 car fails FIA crash test – An early set back for Honda B-team Super Aguri as modifications are needed to their 2007 car, thought to be derived from last year’s Honda RA106.

Film on Formula One’s McLaren planned – Not the team, but the founding driver Bruce McLaren. The film reportedly has a USD $100m behind it.

Shell backs Ferrari F1 with world’s costliest ad – A ?ܣ2m advert is to be filmed in London.

F1 heads to Abu Dhabi – Confirmation of a Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi to be held from 2009 is expected.

Greece paves the way for F1 track – The Greek government may provided funding to investors looking to build a track near Orchomenos.

Melbourne controversy – As the city of Melbourne is blighted by a drought the organisers of the Grand Prix pledge to use drinking water sparingly in the preparation of the circuit. In its early years at Albert Park the Australian Grand Prix was repeatedly the target of environmental protesters.

F1’s Prodrive names commercial director – Prodrive take their first steps towards the 2008 grid with the signing of former CEO of Haymarket (publishers of Autosport and F1 Racing among others) Tony Schulp.

Renault launch F1-inspired Clio – Another F1 derivative model from Renault – but this one doesn’t even add more power to the standard Clio Renaultsport 197.

Big plans afoot for digital F1 magazine – Spyker owner Michele Mol is apparently planning a tri-lingual F1 title to be printed after each Grand Prix – could this be his response to Red Bull’s Red Bulletin?

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