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Our regular look at the latest material in F1 blogs including the Post of the Week.

This week, a fierce row over customer cars, Prodrive get ready to go racing, and Formula One cars driving upside-down. Or maybe not.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Interview: Roy Madden from F1 Linksheaven

Oliver over at BlogF1 has a chat with another fellow F1 blogger – and, now that he’s interviewing someone other than me, I have no qualms about hailing this as the post of the week!

More F1 in the blogs

F1 car facts – Some amazing facts about Formula One cars. It does have that iffy one about an F1 car being able to drive upside down in it, though. Of course, if someone did try that, they’d probably discover that they engine wouldn’t fire…

Jack Roush declares war on Toyota in NASCAR – As Toyota prepare to make their controversial NASCAR debut, lifetime Ford fettler Jack Roush has seized the opportunity to prove the link between extreme nationalism and pig-headed ignorance:

Toyota will not find that the established teams and manufacturers will wither in their path, as has been the case where they have tried to engage elsewhere.

Yes Jack, because they’ve had a really easy time of it in F1 so far…

Customer car litigation looms – Will Super Aguri and Scuderia Toro Rosso get to use their ‘hand-me-down’ chassis from Honda and Red Bull? Formula 1 Latest offer some thoughts.

If the CEO of Haymarket can’t do it, no-one can – Some interesting thoughts on Prodrive’s first F1 employee at the Formula 1 blog.

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