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Lewis Hamilton’s high-speed crash in testing on Friday served as a litmus test for the British media’s hunger for news about the exciting and fascinating young talent.

He is yet to turn a wheel in anger, but news of his crash splashed across the entire back page of major papers like The Times, regardless of what little information there was about the accident and there being no pictures.

Hamilton is huge news. McLaren boss Ron Dennis has already publicly stated that media access to him will be more restricted than usual – and this is coming from McLaren, who are one of the least media-friendly teams to begin with.

Is Hamilton about to become the next British tabloid darling of F1, following the likes of Nigel Mansell and James Hunt?

F1Fanatic will be keeping a close eye on the Lewis Hamilton media frenzy – with the aid of the highly refined and scientific Lewis Hamilton hype-ometer*.

(*patent pending)

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  1. Loving the hamilton hype-ometer!

  2. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of it…

  3. Something to keep me smiling as I become an F1 widow again at any rate!

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