Is this the ugly face of future F1?

2007 F1 season

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This image from Spanish F1 forum F1 Latam shows what Ferrari’s 2005 F1 car might look like with the controversial ‘Centreline Downwash Generating’ rear wing.

Whether or not you’re convinced by the claims that the CDG wing would improve overtaking, I think we can all agree that it’s not a pretty solution.

FIA President Max Mosley is touting the wing to be introduced in F1 from 2009. But it has not been received well by the teams who have keenly encouraged Mosley to consider alternatives.

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4 comments on “Is this the ugly face of future F1?”

  1. CDG wing – brought to you by the same team who designed the Fiat Multipla? Absolutely hideous.

  2. why not get rid of wings all together and groundeffects while you’re at it,put some big slicks on,plenty of power and no pitstops…sorted!

    Rob Ijbema

  3. Indeed these are not attractive and I doubt any cars with these appendages will make the Top 10 of the best looking F1 cars. I always thought the Tyrell with wings at the sides of the drivers (later copied by among others Ferrari) were banned on aesthetic grounds only. I wonder what the air flow is like following this!

  4. Actually, we can get used to anything. I can remember with what horror we greeted the first appearance of wings – now we think they make the cars look sexy. But there are two reasons why the CDG wing should be laughed out of court: the FIA has no business designing bits of the cars for the teams – let them stick to their job of making the rules and let the designers decide how to circumvent them; and the advertisers will disappear if their best spot is taken away – they pay a fortune to get their names on the rear wings and those little winglets are no substitute.

    Ultimately, Rob is right – get rid of wings altogether if you’re serious about limiting aerodynamics.

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