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Felipe Massa, Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, pre-season, 2007Don’t miss our top Post of the Week!

There’s plenty going on at Ferrari in this week’s F1 in the Blogs: Just what will Michael Schumacher be up to this year, is Nigel Stepney planning to walk out, and will the cars be painted to look like chocolate bars?

All this and more below…

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Giancarlo Fisichella, helmet, 2007Helmet designFormula 1 Latest gets nostalgic for the days of simpler helmet designs.

More F1 in the blogs

So testing’s underway…Scribbler wonders how much input Michael Schumacher will have at Ferrari.

Spa could host F1 test in 2007 – F1’s newly reinstated Best Track may hold a test session this year. The portion of the track around the pit area has been revised for its return to the calendar.

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren Mercedes, 2006Motorsports’ new, young, gifted and black star – The Black Male Appreciation blog discovers Lewis Hamilton.

Peering into Bernie Ecclestone’s mind – Just how many new races is Ecclestone planning for F1?

Surface cracks at Ferrari – Is Nigel Stepney about to walk?

Montoya Overload!!! – A NASCAR fan is getting sick of Juan Pablo Montoya hype.

Formula Master 2007Formula Three’s biggest threat – Could Formula Master replace Formula Three as one of the top feeder categories to F1?

Customer chassis and 2008 regulations – George Katinger thinks Frank Williams should give up on his protest against B-team chassis sharing for 2007 as it will be legal in 2008 anyway.

Coffee and cigarettes for Ferrari – What will happen if Philip Morris decide to promote something other than Marlboro on the Ferraris? Sadly GrandPrix.com poured cold water on the idea of a Toblerone Ferrari…

Italian Grand Prix, Monza, podium, crowd, 2006Ferrariblog.net is hiring bloggers – Lastly if you fancy trying your hand at this blogging lark, but don’t fancy starting one of your own (and you like Ferrari), then pop on over to Ferrariblog.net who are looking for contributors. Alternatively, drop the editor a line if you fancy writing for F1Fanatic.

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