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Tazio Nuvolari, Auto Union Type DIf the Michael Schumacher car sale we reported last week was a little contemporary for your taste, here’s a better way to blow your hard-earned millions.

A 1939 Auto Union Type D that was driven by Tazio Nuvolari will be auctioned at Christie’s in Paris on February 17th.

There is a good chance that it could beat the record for most expensive car ever sold.

Even in the 1930s Grand Prix cars could hit 200mph (320kph). This Auto Union had around 460hp and won the French and Yugoslavian Grands Prix in the days before the World Championship.

At the dawn of World War II many racing cars were hidden. This one was discovered in a building in Zwickau after the East German region had fallen into Soviet hands.

Other drivers of the car in the 1930s included H.P. M????ller, Hans Stuck, Rudolf Hasse and Georg Meier.

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