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Penthouse Hesketh, Donington Grand Prix collection, 2006In this week’s F1 news: Fernando Alonso is over-rated and so is Jenson Button. Donington Park gets bought, but no-one’s buying the Russian plans to host a Grand Prix.

All this and porn mags too. What more could you want?

Motor sport’s strangest sponsors – Penthouse and Durex are among the surprising former sponsors of Formula One teams – but for the real wackos you have to turn to (where else?) NASCAR to find the Freemasons and Tom Cruise’s Scientology cult.

Flav – Alonso not irreplaceable – It’s always funny to see team owners suddenly discover the failings in their former star drivers after they’ve defected to another team.

Heikki Kovalainen, Renault launch, 2007Is Heikki the new Alonso – A look at Briatore’s new charge Heikki Kovalainen.

Williams sign ex-Alonso engineer – The man who helped Alonso win back-to-back titles has also left Renault – but has gone to Williams rather than McLaren.

Mubadala-sponsored Ferrari team speed into Abu Dhabi – Ferrari’s new Asian sponsors cash in on their deal as F1 prepared to race in Abu Dhabi from 2009.

St. Petersburg lays down F1 dream – The Russians are still keen to join to F1 party.

Kathikeyan mulling Le Mans but F1 still the focus – Narain Karthikeyan musyn’t being expecting to get many test miles in on the news Williams FW29 – he was talking about Le Mans and A1 Grand Prix during the launch.

Marco AndrettiMarco Andretti gets second Honda F1 test – Seeing how the third generation Andretti can generate headlines in his local papers for simply testing an F1 car, no wonder Honda are sizing him up for a race seat.

Gascoyne: Button lacks ‘spark’ – Never one to hold back, Mike Gascoyne, newly ensconced at Spyker, has a few words to say about the Jenson Button hype.

A little speculation about Donington Park – Will a change of hands at Donington Park put more pressure on Silverstone to sort out its Grand Prix contract?

Nick Heidfeld, BMW, St Moritz, Switzerland, 2007, 3An F1 tyre with a difference – Bridgestone produced a one-off Limited Edition F1 Potenza Snow Tyre at the request of BMW for their promotional escapade at St. Moritz in Switzerland. Apparently this did not contravene Switzerland’s infamous draconian law against motor sport.

The tyre featured hundreds of tungsten studs to grip the ice. Now, how cool would an F1 ice race be?

Postcard from cyberspace – And finally… Clive James on whether he’ll ever do any more of his excellent F1 commentaries.

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