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Congratulations to ING Renault F1 team on their first victory of the 2007 F1 season.

I’m sure they have their minds on bigger prizes than scooping our F1 Post of the Week award though…

Also this week, singing champions, rivalry in the UAE and more on van de Garde-gate.

F1Fanatic.s Post of the Week

It’s the 2007 tyre rules explained

Good to see a top F1 team getting in on the blogging action – and providing some damn fine material too! The official Renault blog explores the 2007 tyre rules.

More F1 in the blogs

Races, rumours and reticence – The Mark Webber blog hits out at speculation that the Red Bull RB3 is not up to scratch.

Of team-hopping Dutchmen and Englishmen – The amusingly-titled Fake Ferrari News blog on Super Aguri, Spyker and the Giedo van de Garde affair.

Hyperbole? Hubris? Oh Yes! – A look at how Abu Dhabi has stolen Dubai’s thunder by grabbing an F1 Grand Prix – even though Dubai already has an international race track.

Mr. Ecclestone eyes 20 races – 20 Grands Prix a year? Hell yeah!

Former F1 champion to release debut album – No, don’t worry, Schumi’s not compiled an a cappella anthology of German Euro-disco favourites – at least, not yet. These are Jacques Villeneuve’s warblings. Enjoy! Maybe.

Cars and cash – More on the Red Bull/Toro Rosso/Honda/Super Aguri standoff from Pibitch.

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