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This week’s F1 stories include the race fans suing a Grand Prix promoter and the Grand Prix promoters desperately trying to attract more race fans.

Plus the surprising withdrawal of the Auto Union auction, Fernando Alonso has another row with the press, and who the hell is Hinny Rikinen?

Irate fans prepare to sue Montreal F1 chiefs – F1 fans who attended the 2005 Canadian Grand Prix are suing the race promoters over what they alleged was an obstructed view of the track.

The same fans claim they had sat in the same seats in 2004, but construction of of new podium suites between the two blocked their view.

SIC targets 125,000 spectators in 2007 Malaysian F1 race – Sepang International Circuit saw 107,000 spectators at its eighth Formula One Grand Prix last year and estimated 60% of those were foreigners.

This year it is aiming for 125,000 spectators and an even split between locals and foreigners. Early runnings of the Grand Prix were marked by low attendance, particularly in 2001.

Bahrain woos Formula One fans – Meanwhile the hosts of the Bahrain Grand Prix are once again offering incentives to potential visitors of their fourth race.

Gene suggests diesels for F1 – Having sampled the diesel Le Mans racer that Jacques Villeneuve will drive in the Le Mans 24 Hours this year, Marc Gene has suggested that diesel engines could work in Formula One, if the sport’s regulations allowed it.

Christie’s halts car auction – The 1939 Auto Union D Type that was due to go on sale has been withdrawn so that its history can be explored further. The car is believed to have won the 1939 Belgrade Grand Prix – on the day World War II broke out – in the hands of Tazio Nuvolari.

A million to Juan – Speed TV’s Marshall Pruett is impressed by NASCAR debutant (and F1 refugee) Juan Pablo Montoya.

Survey says Massa to beat Raikkonen in ’07 – A straw poll of F1 luminaries backs Felipe Massa over Kimi Raikkonen in 2007.

Zonta reveals extent of tyre changes – Renault test driver Ricardo Zonta says the new Bridgestone tyres demand a far smoother approach.

Michael: Marco must enter F1 in a top car – Ex-F1 racer Michael Andretti says sun Marco should only join F1 with a top team. Because that’s what Michael did and things worked out just fine for him…

Alonso plays down negative comment – Fernando Alonso makes a joke about the best feature of his new McLaren being its colour scheme – compared, no doubt, to Renault’s ghastly paint job. Cue media hysteria over Alonso’s ‘rubbish’ McLaren. No wonder he keeps his head down.

Murray Walker on eco driving – And finally… New Consumer clearly have a strong ethical preference for green driving. Fair enough – but what have they got against spell checkers? Who on earth are Hinny Rikinen and Pissikeller?

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