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See some stunning pictures of the 1939 Auto Union that (nearly) went up for sale at Christie’s in our post of the week.

Plus a flashback to the 1984 Dallas Grand Prix, trouble for DaimlerChrysler and some strange predictions for 2007.

F1Fanatic’s post of the week

Auto Union withdrawn from Christie’s auction

Details on the mysterious withdrawal from sale of the 1939 Auto Union D Type – and some exceptional photographs – at Hemmings Auto Blogs.

More F1 in the blogs

Classic Races: 1984 Dallas Grand Prix
– Another top post and one which, in most weeks, would have been my pick of the week. The Grand Prix Blog takes us back to that strange race at the State Fair Park street circuit in Dallas, 1984.

Talk, talk, talk. Pfft. – A Jenson Button fan blog is predictably unimpressed with Spyker’s Mike Gascoyne trash-talking the British star.

Minichumps: Crap Cars by PMA… No.1 – From the world of F1 cars in miniature – Keke Rosberg’s one-off yellow Marlboro McLaren – which, due to the idiocy of certain anti-smoking laws, is sold without the tobacco branding that makes it special.

Season in preview – The Tifosi blog looks forward to 2007 – and tips Felipe Massa to win the world championship and beat team mate Kimi Raikkonen.

2007 F1 championship – from beginning to end – Another Formula 1 blog with an unusual take on how the 2007 season will pan out.

Webber’s aerodynamic melon – Been wondering why Mark Webber has appeared in testing in a plain white helmet? He’s been trying out an Arai helmet as an alternative to his usual Schuberth.

Street races coming – Enthusiasm for Hermann Tilke’s new desire to bring the tracks to the fans.

Can manufacturers and F1 – Will DaimlerChrysler’s troubles in the states have ramifications for its McLaren F1 team?

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