Santander to be British Grand Prix title sponsor

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Banco Santander will replace Foster’s Lager as the title sponsor of the British Grand Prix this year in a 6 million deal.

Santander bought British building society Abbey (formerly Abbey National) in 2005 but look set to drop that brand name. They are also sponsoring McLaren-Mercedes under the Santander name in a five-year deal starting this season.

More importantly the loss of Foster’s sponsorship opens up the possibility of spectators being able to buy a decent beer at this year’s race.

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3 comments on “Santander to be British Grand Prix title sponsor”

  1. If the marketing people at Banco Santander were really on the ball, they could do something clever with the corner at ‘Abbey’.
    Geddit? Abbey? Never mind.

  2. Ha! I never thought of that.

    Sadly it’s probably more likely that they’d dole out a million more to Silverstone to rename the Abbey corner ‘Santander’…

  3. Is Santander Spainish and what does it have to do with Kimi’s early and unfortunate departure from Ferrari?

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