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Marco Andretti could be making an appearance at the United States Grand Prix. Also this week, Renault make a political move, Kimi Raikkonen gets a slagging and the Australian Grand Prix is set to lose more money.

Plus read about the F1 fan who spent ?ܣ70,000 on novelty number plates…

Andretti to test for Honda at Indy – Honda have not ruled out giving Marco Andretti a run in Friday testing at the United States Grand Prix – but it would have to be at the expense of either Jenson Button or Rubens Barrichello.

JV tips Massa to beat Kimi – Jacques Villeneuve’s provocative interview with F1 Racing generated plenty of headlines. He slagged off Kimi Raikkonen, Takuma Sato, Christijan Albers and pretty much everyone else.

Geoff Willis keen for F1 return – The ex-Williams and ex-Honda aerodynamicist is tipped to join Prodrive.

Renault quits F1 manufacturers’ group – Now that the GPMA has made its peace with the FIA, one wonders what exactly its members get up to. Whatever, it has one less now that Renault has left.

Further loss predicted for Australian F1 Grand Prix – This is why Bernie Ecclestone is forever telling promoters that F1 races do not make money. Even the hosts of the first race of the season in picturesque and tourist-friendly Melbourne can’t turn a profit. What chance has an airfield in Northamptonshire got?

A rookie winner in F1? Don’t count it out – Alan Baldwin in The Guardian takes a similar look at rookie Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen’s chances of winning their debut race as we did earlier this week (see below).

Fairuz enjoys his maiden F1 drive with Spyker – A new Malaysian behind the wheel of an F1 car.

Formula one not a sport? Proposal and rebuttal – Two sides of a rather stupid debate. Is F1 a sport? Yes. Next question.

F1 fans snap up number plates – And finally… the F1 numberplates we featured earlier on F1Fanatic went for a fair bit more than expected. One fan shelled out ?ܣ70,000 for F1 FAN and F1 NUT together…

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