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With the season getting close F1 bloggers are asking big questions. Like will Lewis Hamilton eclipse Jenson Button as the British media darling? Are there too many young drivers in F1 today? And how on earth does Ralf Schumacher command a higher pay packet than Fernando Alonso?

All this plus our most recommended post of the week.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

The Perfect Second – A fine article on Formula 1 Latest about Riccardo Patrese – the man who started more Grands Prix than any other driver – 256.

More F1 in the Blogs

F1 drivers and positive PR
– As Jacques Villeneuve goes off on another rant and Fernando Alonso struggles with media misrepresentation, some thoughts on how different drivers handle the press.

The Questions That Will Define The 2007 F1 Season – Part One – The big issues in 2007, kicking off with Jenson Button vs Lewis Hamilton, Michelin’s departure giving Ferrari an advantage, will Michael Schumacher be missed and will Honda scare Toyota off?

Does F1 really need more young drivers? – John Surtees thinks so – others do not.

Massa to receive Bandini award – 40 years after Ferrari driver Lorenzo Bandini died in the Monaco Grand Prix, fellow Ferrari driver Massa is honoured.

Alonso’s paycheck – Ralf Schumacher gets paid more than Fernando Alonso. Toyota, you got screwed.

GP2 testing gets underway – The top three drivers in ‘F1’s feeder series’ GP2 are all ex-F1 drivers. Is that really what this series is supposed to be for?

Ross Brawn in McLaren? – Utterly bonkers rumour of the week.

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  1. WHo will be the champion this year ?

  2. Probably Michael Schumacher again

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