Honda’s ‘green’ 2007 livery revealed

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Honda RA107, 2007

These are the first pictures of Honda’s much-vaunted 2007 livery for the RA107.

There was intense speculation over what companies and what colour scheme would appear on the final car. Honda have gone for the radical approach of allowing anyone to buy ‘pixels’ of the car’s paintwork, which is a picture of the earth’s globe.

Those who sign up to the scheme pledge to make a ‘lifestyle change’ to be more environmentally-friendly, and can view their adverts on the Honda F1 website.

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5 comments on “Honda’s ‘green’ 2007 livery revealed”

  1. Will the car not suffer electrical problems by being permanently ‘earthed’ or could this be the return of the ‘ground effect’ car?

    Either way I believe they are thinking too much, this is just too clever.

  2. It’s certainly a headline-writers dream! The children of the corn there scare the bejeezus out of me.

  3. Whatever you guys say,it is still the most unique livery I have seen in quite a few years.It makes the Red Bull/Jaguar liveries at Monaco look like a joke.

  4. I don’t care what anyone says; I loved this livery when it was revealed and I still do.

    1. @damonsmedley Yeah me too. I signed up on their website to have my name somewhere on the car, no idea if it ever got on there though but I like to think it did. So this livey is special to me.

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