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The class of 2007 are all up and running* and the grid has seen a lot of changes for this year.

Honda and Renault have dramatic new colour schemes, Ferrari are trying to pretend they’re not sponsored by Marlboro, the Red Bulls and Toro Rossos look very similar to each other – and to the McLarens, for that matter.

Which do you think is the best looking car of 2007? What’s your take on Honda’s controversial ‘green’ car? Have a look at these pictures of the 2007 grid and vote below…

McLaren-Mercedes MP4/22

Renault R27

Ferrari F2007

Honda RA107

BMW F1.07

Toyota TF107

Red Bull-Renault RB3

Williams-Toyota FW29

Scuderia Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR2

Spyker-Ferrari F8-VII

*The 2007 Super Aguri is tardy to the party – not to be launched until March 12th at the soonest – and isn’t included in the poll.

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7 comments on “Vote for the best-looking 2007 F1 car”

  1. As Alonso said: The most i like from my car are colours.

  2. Williams have again got their paint job right, although I think the most aestheticly-pleasing-shaped car in my eyes is the McLaren.

  3. McLaren: nice paintjob but it seems they didn’t have any mony left for racesuits.(TIP: go for black racesuits instead of white)
    Ferrari: one word red as it should be but not inovative.
    Renault: looks more like they had 2 designs and didn’t know which one to choose so they used a part of one design for the front and part of the other design for the back
    Honda: Inovative, really nice picture of launch but i am afraid it will not look as good on track without special lights and black background
    BMW – Toyota: basicly same cars as last year. But more in favour of BMW’s scheme. Toyota can hardly be distinguished from the Aguri
    Red Bull: nothing striking new.
    Williams: Actually a livery the way it should be. Recognisable, not to much decals, just enough
    Torro Rosso: Red bull with a bull on the side. Don’t like it at all
    Spyker: Still wondering if is a red or a orange car. The signs on the sidepods remind me on traficsigns used to point out roadblocks…. hint ?!?

    You can be inovative but in the end it will be the good old liveryschemes of BMW or Williams that will win the title of best livery.

  4. My vote’s got to be with the Honda just for being so bold and original.

    I also appreciate Spyker for going with their national colour but it’s hard to get an impression from the pictures what shade of orange or red it is. Are we going to be mistaking them for Ferraris?

  5. Are we going to be mistaking them [Spyker] for Ferraris?


    …Oh, you mean when the Ferrari’s are lapping the Spyker’s – I getcha’ now. ;)

    Spyker ran a relatively light orange in 2006, but I remember it looking very red on the TV cameras in Brazil (maybe they got sunburnt?). It could be that they are trying different shades to see which works better on TV?

  6. My vote goes out to Mclaren.The chrome is no match for Honda’s earth livery but it always looks better on TV,than the rest of the field.Although Honda has the most unique outfit out there but on-track it will look different.Take the Spyker for example.It looked very cool when they brought out the first pictures but in China,I was sometimes confused as to whether it’s a Spyker or a Ferrari.Ofcourse,no confusion issues with Honda but it will probably look a lot different on track.

    Williams and BMW are neat.Toyota is boring.STR is cool but also a year old.And somebody should ask Red Bull PR to stop wondering as to how they should criticise France this year and work on the boring livery for a change.

  7. Number 38 (@)
    1st March 2007, 18:17

    HEY! Did Keith Collantine mention “National Colours”.
    Good man Keith, you must be as old as me…….F1 should be run in Natinal colours and drivers should have personalized helmets with something other than their web site address!
    For all the hype about Honda and their weird livery scheme look at the public results above, McLaren by a mile and only one vote separating Ferrari (in Italian National colours) and Honda. The best looking car is the one with a checkered flag flying overhead.

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