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Would you spend ?ܣ260 on a mouse mat? Even if it’s made of carbon fibre? Some people would…

Also in the F1 blogs this week, the Williams team previewed, Felipe Massa tipped as a championship contender and Top Gear’s take on the 2007 season.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

AT&T Williams FW29: Down but Not Out – I especially enjoyed this detailed look at the Williams team at the Concept Carz website this week – check it out.

More F1 in the blogs

Scott Speed at Toro Rosso – Good news for American bloggers as Toro Rosso confirm Scott Speed as their second driver.

Formula One Mouse Mat – Only connoisseurs of top gadgetry could describe the GBP ?ܣ260 F1 mouse mat as “practical”.

2007, 1st Post Schumacher season – Tech Today on F1’s new Post-Michael Schumacher era.

Super Aguri announce new SA07 launch date – Anthony Davidson fans will have to wait a little longer to get a look at their driver’s new car.

Could Massa be world champion? – The Brazilian has looked quick in testing, but can Felipe Massa really beat Kimi Raikkonen over a whole season? Oliver at BlogF1 reckons Massa could be world champion material.

My F1 predictions – A candid look at 2007 from the Top Gear blogs.

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