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In the F1 headlines this week, an Aston Martin F1 team, the future of the British Grand Prix and F1 drivers going stock car racing.

Plus, Bernie Ecclestone picks this year’s championship winner…

BRDC president outlines plan to secure future of F1 at Silverstone – That BRDC President is, of course, Damon Hill, and as ever he’s talking some good ol’-fashioned common sense about the future of the British Grand Prix.

F1 team eyes Aston Martin – With 2008 F1 entrants Prodrive widely tipped to buy Aston Martin from Ford (with a little help from David Richards’ friends), could the luxury marque and star of James Bond films soon have an F1 team? How cool would that be?

Singapore close to securing F1 race – Also from the “how cool would that be” department – Singapore could hold a night F1 race. Yes please!

BD249 million F1 boost to economy – The Bahrain government are happy with the amount of money the sport brings into the country, which is surprising because the track cost a shed load to build and, judging by the race day crowds, it seems most Bahrainis don’t even know where it is…

F1: Indy Road Course Could Switch to Counter-Clockwise – More speculation on how the Indianapolis Motor Speedway could accommodate both F1 and Moto GP from 2008.

Ferrari Formula One Power Comes to the Streets of Melbourne – Pictures from Ferrari’s street display in Melbourne.

Night club on wheels – the Red Bull Energy Station – A nice feature on Red Bull’s subtle and restrained (I think not) F1 motorhome.

Ex-F1 aces join Alesi in new race series – Jean Alesi, Johnny Herbert, Gianni Morbidelli and Stefan Johansson are among the former F1 drivers set to race in the Asian Speedcar series, which bears an uncanny resemblance to NASCAR…

Montoya’s victory comes with criticism because he’s not one of the “good ole boys.” – Ex-F1 racer Juan Pablo Montoya scored his first NASCAR Bush win last weekend in suitably controversial style, thumping team mate Scott Pruett out of the way. It didn’t go down too well…

Ecclestone picks Massa for the championship – When someone with as much power as Bernie Ecclestone picks a championship contender, you sit up and take notice. I’m still not convinced by Massa – but he’s surprised me once before…

Hamilton can be leader of the Brit Pack – Back with Damon again, who gives a vote of confidence to new boy Lewis Hamilton.

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