Debate: Most exciting thing about 2007

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Radical changes are taking place in F1 this year – but what one thing are you looking forward to the most?

Lewis Hamilton in a McLaren? Heikki Kovalainen in a Renualt? Or an Adrian Newey-designed Red Bull?

Are the new safety car and tyre rules going to put some spice back into the racing? Or perhaps you’re just glad to see the back of Michael Schumacher? Use the reply form below to say what you’ve most looking forward to this year…

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4 comments on “Debate: Most exciting thing about 2007”

  1. For me its got to be the combination of the drivers switch and the tyre rule… The soft and hard tyre rules have really got the strategies mixed up… Its almost like rediscovering F1 :)

    I am very intrested in the fact that two rookie drivers are in the top teams and there is a nice chance we can have a rookie winner in about 5 days.

  2. It’s been the most exciting off season for many years, it’s a lot harder to guess the outcome of this season, than for years.

    I hope that the suspense isn’t killed off at Melbourne. I cross my finger for there to be a three way title fight — that would be fantastic. But I fear it will be a Ferrari/Kimi walkover starting this Sunday.

  3. The best thing is that especially before testing began, the whole thing was a wild card. Noone knew what was going to happen! Nothing’s the same! The bell rang, everyone switched places and who knew where the chips would fall.

    Even with testing over, we still have a faint view of the top 5 teams, and who they’ll end up being. Personally for me, the one most exciting thing is Lewis Hamilton. Dennis isn’t stupid and his team may be at a volatile time, he wouldn’t have fielded Lewis this early- and testing so far shows he can drive. But can he race? It’s pretty damn exciting. There are no prerequisite champions.

    Everyone will love the new F1 season. The one thing I think I can say is there won’t be a walkover, at least for the first half.

  4. I have to say the intensity of the rookies coming in, going to one tire vendor, the excitement of watching Kimi in Red and of course seeing Alonso with a new team. Being a Ferrari fan its going to be a bitter sweet year with no more Schumi in car, but seeing the sweetness of Massa coming alive and hopefully dominating this year is so exciting to ponder. I agree with Sigmund that there can be a 3 or even a 4 way battle for the constructors title this year and thats an awesome ideal to desire. Of course its very possible after the first couple of races that you will see constructors start falling into line into their traditional back of the pack standings. lets hope for the former and a tight chase for points with multiple teams. Cant wait… less than 12 hours to go for practice….Anyone else chomping at the bit?

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