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Fancy a flutter on the first race of the season? Or planning a punt on the championship winner at this early stage?

Felipe Massa may have set tongues wagging with his fast testing times but the bookies are unmoved – ranking his new team mate Kimi Raikkonen as favourite to win both the opening round and the championship.

But is there anyone worth putting your money on? Are you going to have a bet?

All odds correct at time of going to press.

Australian Grand Prix 2007 odds

Australian Grand Prix 2007 odds

The Melbourne circuit often throws up chaotic races and surprise results. So rummaging around the midfield can throw up some interesting bets. Robert Kubica at 20-1 to win is not bad – and the same goes for his under-rated team mate.

2007 championship odds

2007 championship odds

As ever, there’s nothing to be gained by going for the obvious picks. Given that the McLaren looks competitive Lewis Hamilton at 20-1 is appealing.

And don’t rule out reigning champions Renault – if they pulled off the kind of leap forward in form that Ferrari managed last year, you could be laughing if you put money on Giancarlo Fisichella at 33-1 before the season started…

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