Heidfeld to lap Nurburgring Nordschleife in F1 car

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Nick Heidfeld is to lap the Nurburgring Nordschleife in his BMW F1 car. And Kimi Raikkonen entered and won a snowmobile race in the guise of James Hunt.

Also in this week’s F1 news – why the Renault R27 has that grotesque, four-colour paint job, why Honda are sponsoring ITV, and why some Australians don’t like their own Grand Prix…

Heidfeld to challenge old Nurburgring – After three decades a driver will finally tackle the infamous Nurburgring Nordschleife in a pukka F1 car. That lucky man will be Nick Heidfeld. It’s all part of a BMW F1 stunt but here’s hoping he does his homework, gets a medical helicopter on standby, and sets off after that lap record. Go Nick!

Snow joke for Ferrari’s ‘James Hunt’ – How apt that renowned party animal Kimi Raikkonen should enter a local snowmobile race under the alter ego ‘James Hunt’. He whupped them all too. Nice one lad.

The secrets behind the new F1 livery – Renault’s artistic director defends his creation of the retina-scarring abortion that is the paint scheme on the 2007 R27.

Formula One diary – the sport begins – Top F1 journo Simon Arron begins a fascinating new column in the Daily Telegraph.

Priaulx good enough for F1 – Theissen – Multiple touring car world champion Andy Priaulx is good enough for F1 according to BMW boss Mario Theissen. Why not give ‘the Schumacher of touring cars’ a proper test or race seat then?

Honda to sponsor F1’s ITV coverage – Expect to see a lot more of that earth car as Honda cranks up its mammoth marketing push.

Honda F1 team signs British F3 champion Conway – Top F3 racer Mike Conway, who races in the GP2 series this year, has bagged a Honda test drive.

Ecclestone to take over management of Turkish F1 track – Expect to see Istanbul remain on the calendar for many years to come.

SIC Offers Exclusive Free F1 Headset To Mark 8th Anniversary Tomorrow; SIC Giving Out F1 Grand Prix Free Tickets To Students – Attendance figures for the Malaysian Grand Prix aren’t looking promising as the promoters push hard to get bums on seats.

Kimi Raikkonen says tyre rule to be ‘terrible’ at Monaco – Raikkonen is worried that being forced to use the hard compound at least once in the Monte-Carlo race will cause problems. Should be entertaining for us, though.

Kissimmee teen races to make mark on Formula One circuit – A1 Grand Prix racer Jonathan Summerton reckons he’s, “probably America’s best chance as an F1 driver.” Hasn’t he heard of Marco Andretti, then?

Formula One’s great black hope; The real deal – Brace yourselves – it’s more Hamilton hype!

Bourdais Beat F1 Time with Fast Lap; Rahal 4th Despite Problems
– The new specification Panoz Champ Cars have already beaten the lap record at Laguna Seca set by Ricardo Zonta in a Toyota. Sebastien Bourdais – who himself tested for Toro Rosso over the winter – lowered the mark to 1m 05.880s.

Aston Martin owner rules out F1 – Sadly Prodrive boss David Richards has no plans to use his recent purchase of Aston Martin to bring the brand to F1 in the future.

Celeb race ‘saves taxpayer money’; The start of this year’s loud yawn – It’s fair to say that “The Age” are not convinced about the Australian Grand Prix…

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