Video: Red Bull’s 2007 launch movie

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Scott Speed, Bulgaria, Red Bull promo film, 2007Red Bull have filmed a theatrical ‘movie’ celebrating the launch of their (two) F1 teams for 2007.

The promo features David Coulthard, Mark Webber, Scott Speed and Vitantonio Liuzzi in period dress filmed in Bulgaria. There’s also some less than overwhelming track footage shot in Bahrain. Check it out here:

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3 comments on “Video: Red Bull’s 2007 launch movie”

  1. Hehehe, not to be outdone by Ferrari, hey? I detected talent there, however – it could be they all have careers in acting waiting for them when they retire… ;)

  2. Hahaha! Hilarious! I wonder what it would have sounded like if they actually talked… ;)

  3. I have no idea what they meant by that. The Coulthard/Webber combo worked extremely well, from a filmmaking perspective, but what were Speed and Luizzi supposed to be? Unlicensed bullfighters? Why did half the video take place in some medieval marketplace?

    More Coulthard, that guy has screen presence to spare!

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