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Plenty of reaction to the Australian Grand Prix in the F1 blogs this week, but not everyone’s jumping on the “Hamilton is great, Kovalainen sucked” bandwagon.

And for our post of the week, it’s time for Britain’s ‘other’ rookie driver to take a bow. If his back’s up to it, that is.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Interesting stat…

The Anthony Davidson aren’t likely to miss a chance to big up their favourite driver. Here’s how Davidson’s laptimes progressed compared to team mate Takuma Sato’s during the Australian Grand Prix. Davidson more or less kept pace with Sato despite the hefty whack he and his car took on the first lap.

More F1 in the blogs

Bravo Honda
– An enthusiastic photographer on why the ‘Earth car’ livery is great.

Why so quick to judge? – Linksheaven on why the Lewis Hamilton hype has gotten out of hand – and we shouldn’t be too quick to criticise Heikki Kovalainen.

One final Lewis Hamilton snipe – The backlash goes on…

Melbourne GP Yawn – The first race of the season didn’t impress everybody.

Caparo T1 to make its ‘debut in action’ at Goodwood Festival of Speed – The ‘F1 car for the road’ will get its first public thrashing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Can’t wait!

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