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It’s great to see Clive James writing about F1 again – don’t miss his excellent piece on Lewis Hamilton in the week’s F1 in the News.

Also the Turkish Grand Prix gets a Get out of Jail Free card but it looks like the French race is scuppered. Plus, India looks to hold a street race in Delhi, and much more…

Young, gifted and black – One of the best articles I’ve read on F1 all year. Ex-season review commentator Clive James on the challenges facing Lewis Hamilton and other prominent black people.

Turks get away with it – The FIA will not demanding the remaining USD $2.5m from the Turkish motor sport federation following the public embarrassment during the podium ceremony at last year’s race.

Ex-Renault F1 engineers set up new venture – Two former Renault F1 engineers are setting up a new company to develop the technology needed to create the regenerative energy systems expected to be used in F1 from 2009.

Fernando annoys his OWN fan club – Fernando Alonso has dismayed a group of hardcore fans.

Ready to roll: son of Hunt the Shunt – Freddie Hunt, 19 year-old son of 1976 world champion James, has started racing in Formula Ford.

If that’s what formula one is about, then count me out – More F1 backlash following a less than entertaining Australian Grand Prix.

F1 champ yawns, wins – No prizes for guessing what the US press made of the season opener too.

Mallya wants F1 race on Rajpath – Delhi bids for its own street race.

Barcelona continues to expand – In Spain the good times roll as the Circuit de Catalunya builds more stadia to house Alonso’s fans. Surely he can’t snub them all…

Caborn backs plans to save British Grand Prix
– Sports minister Richard Caborn has been reluctant to commit any government money to Silverstone – but he’s got plenty of nice, cheap words of support.

Magny-Cours dropped for 2008?> – The French motor sport authority has cast doubt over the 2008 race by leacing it off their schedule.

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