Traction control banned in F1 from 2008

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Is this the best piece of F1 news this year? Traction control will be outlawed in F1 from next season as the FIA and manufacturers have agreed on standard engine control units.

This is fantastic news for the sport – it plugs a gigantic hole in F1’s credibility and promises to present a greater challenge to the drivers.

Traction control was made illegal following the 2001 San Marino Grand Prix, though it was widely suspected that at least one team was using it before then.

Sadly proposals to widen the cars and re-introduce slicks were not passed.

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5 comments on “Traction control banned in F1 from 2008”

  1. Traction control? Yes. Standard engine control units? Ain’t gonna stop bothering me.

  2. is this an April fools day!?
    since when did the fIA something logical for the sport/spectator?

  3. Nathan Jones
    31st March 2007, 0:47

    this is the best news i have heard for years!
    also this yrs race at magny cours is to be the last!
    the FIA must be sick! cos they are finally doing something good!
    standard ECU’s r a great idea as they allow TC and others aids to be outlawed!

  4. The banning of traction control is fantastic news. I don’t suppose we can go back to the days when drivers changed gear by hand as well can we?

    There are so many fantastic YouTube clips of Senna and Prost at full pelt, having to take their hand off the wheel so that they can change up and down!

  5. That sucks because now in gran turismo 5 i keep slipping of the damn track!

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