IRL boss wants NASCAR alliance

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John Barnes, the owner of Indy Racing League team Panther Racing, reckons the series would be better off as a support series to NASCAR:

We would make it where we would race on Saturday to replace a Busch or ARCA race, and they (Nextel Cup) would race on Sunday.

I have no problem being second fiddle to them.

Is this what it has come to? Are there still IRL team owners so opposed to reconciliation with the Champ Car World Series that they would contemplate selling out to NASCAR as some sort of third-rate side show?

The way I see it, the IRL has two realistic options: either kiss and make up with CCWS, or go it alone. But selling out to NASCAR would only hasten the demise of single seater racing in America.

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2 comments on “IRL boss wants NASCAR alliance”

  1. I wonder myself how deep the “schism” really is, considering most of ChampCar still have offices in Indianapolis, but the difference between IRL and CCWS as motorsports is rather obvious and clear, especially as time has passed since the schism.

    Considering that IRL and Nascar use the same venues (and to me, are pretty much the same sport) I don’t find the notion of IRL and Nascar partnering up all that offensive, especially if it leads IRL to a future of multiple engine suppliers.

    I’m a little bothered, though, that IRL aren’t trying to make their product a little more unique.

  2. What gets me about it is that less than a decade ago CART was easily able to stand on its own two feet without pandering to stock car fans.

    IRL & Champ Car could easily achieve that again between the two of them if they’d just pull their heads out of the sand.

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