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No, it’s not a late April Fool. Someone has dragged up the ‘motor racing-meets-football idea’ again. It was last heard of when a group of investors came up with the desperately naff ‘Premier 1 GP’ concept in the early ’00s.

The ‘Superleague Formula’ proposes a 20 car series of single seater cars backed by football teams kicking off in August 2008. Unsurprisingly, one of the prime movers behind the concept was also involved in the Premier 1 abortion – Robin Webb.

“An average top [football] club could raise between ?�?�?���?�?�?�14-18m in the five years of the contract that we are aiming for,” said Alex Andreu, the marketeer who’s teamed up with Webb on the idea. Sounds very familiar.

He added: “What motor racing brings is obvious; it’s technology, cars, noise, glamour. What football brings is the heart, the passion and the emotions.” Because, of course, the Italians aren’t passionate about F1, the Finns aren’t passionate about rallying, and the Americans aren’t passionate about the Indy 500…

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4 comments on “Premier 1 GP v2.0”

  1. This concept reeks of Team Tennis.

    The problem I have with it, though, is that I don’t see why a football club would want to donate a rather large part of its earnings to a race team (I -am- understanding the concept, right?)

  2. Having got our own blog up and running (to ensure that Superleague Formula isn’t shrouded in secrecy), I’ve been looking around the web and found that – parking the comments about the previous incarnation for now – the biggest question people ask (like Chunter) is about how much it will cost the clubs involved?

    Well, not only will it cost nothing to be involved (the clubs will receive an additional income through SF through a split of sponsorship fees, a cut of TV rights, and a percentage of the licensing & merchandise income) but it will also offer these clubs an opportunity to give something back to their fans…

    And, of course, whereas football sees two clubs competing against each other, Superleague Formula will see 20 v 20 of the world’s biggest clubs and rivals battling it out. Nothing like it has ever been seen before… and that, for me, is hugely exciting.

  3. Charles Harding
    27th August 2008, 2:19

    This idea is already another rip-off for football fans.

    Its impossible to get onto the superleague website AND if you want to get information by phoning it will cost you at least £1.19p per minute.

    We have “won” tickets, but with little or no information I doubt if we will be travelling more than two hundred miles round trip, only to be let down and probably further ripped off when we get there.

    Does anyone have any information, or have any idea how to get on the “superleague” website?



  4. Negative comments are always left by those who are probably couch pataoes, and would never get of their ***** to try a venture themselves, because they are too scared of failure.

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