Tout threat for Grands Prix?

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Could ticket touting be a problem for the British Grand Prix and other F1 races this year?

Ticket touting has attracted increasing public debate of late, in Britain at least. It kicked off around the time of the Live 8 concerts when public pressure forced auction site eBay to pull auctions for tickets.

Since then the Glastonbury festival has introduced ‘tout-proof’ photo ID tickets. Now prominent British sporting events including tennis, football, cricket and both rugbies want the same protection from touting that the much-feted Olympics will get in 2012.

Wherever sold-out events go, touts follow. This hasn’t been too much of a problem for the British Grand Prix in recent years due to the combination of high ticket prices and public apathy during the Schumacher years.

But with four British drivers competing this year including media darling Lewis Hamilton, Schumacher gone and the race back to its traditional July slot, could Silverstone become a target for touts?

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