Debate: Traction control gone – what’s next?

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The banning of traction control for 2008 is, for many, the remedying of one of Formula 1’s greatest ills. But what is the next big problem the sport needs to fix?

However big a difference it may make to the racing is debatable. Already F1 designers are queueing up to downplay the importance of the move.

But for those who want F1 to have a credible reputation, banning a ‘driver aid’ like traction control is utterly imperative. The suggestion that F1 drivers need a computer to help them drive the car makes F1 look like less of a sport.

So what is the one issue that the governing body needs to fix next?

Reduce aerodynamics? More interesting circuits? Environmentally-friendly cars? Slick tyres? What’s number one on your list?

Or is everything fine and dandy now that traction control’s gone?

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10 comments on “Debate: Traction control gone – what’s next?”

  1. Enviromentally friendly materials and no more Tilke.

  2. Bring back slicks and bring in more interesting circuits without less than 20 races on the calendar.

  3. There doesn’t seem to be much done to reduce mechanical grip on the cars. The FIA want to reduce downforce, engine capacity and use a control tyre to reduce escalating lap times. All in the wake of, in my view, May 1994 and rightly so.
    However, having reviewed some of the old footage of Graham Hill at the Nurburgring 1967, where the cars are leaving the track over crests and how much they move around it made me think that nothing seems to have been done to reduce mechanical grip. As the cars are much safer these days would it be possible to reduce the overall grip as pressure on the drivers in races would inevitably lead to a few more opportunities if the cars were a bit more skittish.
    Motorsport is dangerous, we don’t want to see our heroes killed, but we do like to see that it is dangerous and that driver skill and bravery are rewarded.

  4. Next thing to go? My vote goes to Max Mosely.

  5. Have less emphasis on aerodynamic grip, and more on mechanical grip.

  6. No refuelling, tyre changes only. They all start on full tanks, let the driver deal with it.

  7. Nathan Jones
    6th April 2007, 8:43

    next should be “H” pattern 6 speed manual gearboxes!
    less aero is a must and more mechanical grip also, so i’d bring back the full 80’s style wide slicks so they can slide, with only 1 tyre supplier they can easily make sure there is no advantage to anybody in doing this.
    notice in the 80’s just how little wing they ran now compare this to today!
    they are finally getting rid of magny cours after this year and next should be barcelona! bringing in a race at valencia is a joke, it’s like a spanish hungaroring!

  8. Less wing, more tyre, full fuel tank, manual gearchange, and replace MadMax…….YIKES! Sounds like this lot wants RACING to return.

  9. Spyker!

  10. yeah i think the cars should have a bit more ‘life’!slides etc yeah!!it sometimes like watchin a giant scaletrix(spelt right?:/)would show up drivers styles more and it would be less ‘robotic’.i think the word would be ‘true’ that i would use to describe the racing i want to see.fia just stop fiddling with the rules and contradicting stuff.u want to see racing well programin a car,lowerin revs,saving fuel,tyres must prevent drivers going for it.

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