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In the F1 news this week, Ayrton Senna comes top in a poll of top Honda racing drivers – by a long way – an interview with Nigel Mansell and today’s drivers react to the long-overdue banning of traction control.

All this – and more…

Ayrton Senna tops Honda fans survey – Neither of Honda’s current F1 drivers fared well in a survey of the fans’ favourite Honda racers. Ayrton Senna predictably came out on top ahead of Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet. Alain Prost was fourth.

Singapore shouldn’t get F1 race – Malaysia – The hosts of the Malaysian Grand Prix are unhappy with neighbours Singapore bidding for a place on the calendar. Fight!

More carmakers unlikely for F1 – Ecclestone
– F1 commercial head Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t expect to see Volkswagen or Porsche in the sport any time soon.

Mansell interview part 1 – Speed TV talk to the former F1 and Indy Car champion.

A hack looks back: Malaysian GP – The political machinations that brought F1 to Malaysia for the first time eight years ago.

F1 champions lose out to Federer – None of the F1 people nominated for a Laureus sporting award (Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and the Renault team) were successful. Boo!

Drivers support traction control ban – David Coulthard and Nick Heidfeld agree that banning traction control is a step forward for the sport.

F1 introduces clearer tyre marks – A white groove in F1 tyres will now be used to distinguish softer tyres from harder tyres.

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