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Maro Engel and Jonathan Kennard are on pole for the first two races of tomorrow’s British F3 season opener at Oulton Park.

Estonian Marko Asmer (Hitech) would have been my first choice for champion but for his unusual decision to dovetail the British and Japanese F3 series. As a consequence he will miss the third round of the British series which, intriguingly, will be held on a new street course in Bucharest…

It doesn’t rule Asmer out of a championship bid but it could hand a major advantage to likely rivals Kennard, Stephen Jelley (both Double R), Engel (Carlin) and Sebastien Hohenthal (Fortec).

In the paddock at Oulton yesterday there was an inevitable crowd around the Fortec pit where the Mansell boys Greg and Leo were holed up – Leo’s car in pieces after a sizeable off in first qualifying. Greg starts the first race sixth tomorrow, Leo twentieth, and it will be fascinating to see how the pare fair in only their second year of racing, having graduated from Formula BMW.

Good, too, to see another chassis manufacturer joining the fray. The Mygale car with its narrower front nose has a more purposeful look than the ubiquitous Dallaras. But can it be as effective?

Mercedes have all-but conquered the engine supply market, though. Indeed, the only thing you can say with any certainty about the identity of this year’s champion is that he won’t be powered by a Honda…

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