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I watched the first round of the British GT championship yesterday and, well, what a belter!

Admittedly the race had everything going in its favour to begin with. On a sunny spring day perched on the hill overlooking Knickerbrook chicane at Oulton Park I could watch any kind of motor sport and feel content.

But still the GTs put on a fine show.

Jonathan Cocker disappeared off into the lead in his Barwell Motorsport Aston Martin DBRS9 while the field stacked up behind him and swapped positions.

The appearance of the safety car wrecked Cocker’s lead and after he handed the car over to team mate Paul Drayson it all fell apart. While under pressure from a four-car train headed by Tim Mullen’s Ferrari 430, Drayson fell off and lost the lead in the dying minutes.

But best of all was seeing the drivers wrestle their cars under control into Knickerbrook as the track became increasingly slippery. And the deep rumble of Team RPM’s 8.3-litre Dodge Vipers. Glorious stuff.

They’re supporting the British F3 championship at all the UK rounds this year and come with the Maximum Motorsport stamp of approval!

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