F1 in the news 32: Honda hunt Brawn

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Desperate to get out of their rut, Honda might make a big-money move to bag Ferrari’s Ross Brawn when he returns from sabbatical.

Also in the news this week, Jackie Stewart tells Lewis Hamilton to leave Britain, Bernie Ecclestone threatens to leave Sepang, and everyone a Honda goes to a night club.

Faltering Honda target Brawn – Struggling Brackley team want the mastermind behind Schumacher. They need him.

Why Hamilton will be driven out of Britain – Jackie Stewart issues his standard warning to any Briton about to earn money – leave the country.

F1 drivers thrill the crowd at nightclub – Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello, Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson inside the place.

HWA not ruling out F1 move – DTM and F3 constructor to replace Toro Rosso?

Massa: I will get even – Felipe Massa is not happy about Lewis Hamilton putting one over him.

Sepang track is ‘shabby’ says F1 boss – Sepang is a mess? It’s not even ten years old! No wonder Silverstone, over 50, gets it in the neck from Bernie Ecclestone.

Hamilton’s spectacular start gives him room to manoeuvre, says Hill – Damon Hill on Lewis Hamilton’s potential.

Who drives for me? – Jean Todt and Flavio Briatore must be pining for lost champions Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso.

Nigel who? Race fan Chris, 11 fails to spot F1 legend Mansell – And finally… a little humour from the Scottish press as Nigel Mansell prepares for a one-off appearance in a Ferraari 430 in the FIA GT championship.

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