F1 in the blogs 25: Better than Chapman?

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Colin Chapman produced some revolutionary cars each of which pushed F1 technology forward instantaneously in one huge leap.

But the author of Post of the Week puts another designer forward as the greatest in motor racing history – and it’s not Gordon Murray, or even Adrian Newey.

Plus the Felipe Massa backlash in the Italian press, football woe for his compatriot Giancarlo Fisichella, and why you look like a real jerk.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Beep Beep – The man’s a genius

Why James Ellis Hall, father of the Chaparral, deserves a place in history alongside the greatest racing car designers.

More F1 in the blogs

Checkpoint 10’s Alternative Behaviour Championship – In praise of the paddock’s non-conformists, whether they be Flavio Briatore, Honda, or even Kimi Raikkonen.

Fizz gone out of Fisi’s Seven-up – Fact: Giancarlo Fisichella has scored fewer points this year than the number of goals his beloved AS Roma conceded against Manchester United this week. Gutted.

Press, Ferrari criticise Massa – If it sucks to be Fisichella, it sucks more to be Massa…

Motorsport, greener than you’d think – And no, this is nothing to do with Honda.

Pole Position commercial, circa the ’80s – “Hey! You look like a real jerk.” Ah they don’t make racing games adverts like this any more. There’s definite Beastie Boys and Monty Python overtones in this classic.

The Formula Fever – Bahrain doesn’t have a huge native F1 fan base – so they give away stacks of free tickets to make the stands look less empty. Here’s one fan who’s gotten free tickets for three years in a row…

Do I get a China anniversary gift? – We asked earlier this week when you started watching F1 – here’s another fan who’s been plugging away since 1987.

Heidfeld wants contract talks – Already after just two rounds the driver market is stirring.

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