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Rounding up the best from the blogs we have Fernando Alonso’s football dive, the row over Ferrari’s Marlboro branding, an F1-themed Toyota Hilux and why Williams missed out on points in Bahrain.

Plus, without question the stupidest news story of the year so far.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Williams F1 team: Bahrain test miss costs us points

An unusual pick for my favourite post this week. I chose this not so much because I liked how it was written but because I didn’t see this quote from Sam Michael anywhere else – and it’s fascinating.

Michael admits that Williams were at a disadvantage having not tested in Bahrain before the start of the season as the other teams did – something that was pretty obvious from the outside. Williams’ decision was almost certainly forced by financial considerations.

More F1 in the blogs

Group wants Ferrari sponsor Marlboro butted out – Anti-smoking groups are angry about Ferrari’s continued promotion of cigarettes.

A new art to F1 photography – But an unintended consequence of Ferrari’s controversial Marlboro adverts could be that the team gets less coverage, as newspapers try to avoid using pictures of them that features the contentious branding.

The best thing about ITV – Praise for ITV’s pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz.

Superkarts for French GP – I can’t remember ever seeing karts supporting an F1 Grand Prix before – much less these seriously quick super karts. Magny-Cours might be worth visiting for once…

Toyota To Debut F1-Inspired Hilux Concept In UK – Toyota may not make the best F1 cars in the world but this F1-styled Hilux pickup derivative gets my vote.

Letter to Planet-F1 on Hamilton Hype – The Hamilton hype backlash continues.

Mclaren F1 team: Private test, private island, $100 million F1 engine facility expansion – McLaren expand their operations.

No German G.P. !!! – Is this the stupidest, most pathetic F1 story of the year? The German round of the championship will not be called the German Grand Prix because the owners of the Hockenheimring won’t play ball with the N??rburgring. We have a phrase in English for this sort of thing: “Grow up!”

The Tuesday 10: great comedy dives – Fernando Alonso tries to do a Cristiano Ronaldo, while Michael Schumacher tucks away a penalty nicely.

Chocolate F1 car – Mmm… McLaren.

Rare interview with Pedro Rodriguez – A treat for F1 history fans – some rare footage of an interview with Pedro Rodriguez.

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