Hamilton “worth ?ܣ10m” – and good for TV!

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Lewis Hamilton could earn up to ?ܣ10m in brand endorsements in only his first year of Formula 1.

And his swashbuckling start has given British F1 TV audiences a much-needed boost. ITV has also seen a boost in its F1 TV audiences. Hamilton’s vigorous defence against Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen in the Malaysian Grand Prix was seen by 27% more viewers than watched the same race last year.

The sport’s share of the audience during the Bahrain Grand Prix was 8% up on last year.

Although McLaren does not allow its drivers to carry personal sponsors Hamilton’s massive potential may well see them make a few exceptions.

The new British star of F1 is a top target for sports drink, watch, male grooming and fashion brands according to Marketing magazine.

Is this the beginning of a ‘Lewis Hamilton effect’ – and a new Renaissance for the sport in Britain?

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3 comments on “Hamilton “worth ?ܣ10m” – and good for TV!”

  1. Simply because Marketing magazine says that Lewis is a good target for sponsorship does not mean that driver sponsorship will be permitted in his case. In fact, the attention is such that Ron Dennis will be even more stubborn about not allowing such favouritism. It’s bad enough (from Ron’s view) that Alonso is feeling increasing left out without some megabuck sponsor inadvertently inflating Lewis’ head and creating internal driver friction?

    Allowing personal sponsorship would be hazardous to McLaren’s future results due to that friction and distraction, and there is no way Ron would countenance such a performance-hobbling move. Besides, it’s not like McLaren are short of a few bob on the sponsorship front…

  2. No, no exceptions for Lewis… yet. There was only one driver who they made an exception for, and by coincidence, he also wore an infamous yellow helmet.

    Hamilton is good, but nowhere near that level yet. He has to work for it. And since Ron is very influential with Lewis’ affairs, I’m sure he’s always positioned it with potential sponsors such that it’s McLaren that get the financial windfall. For example, look at Mutua Madrilena and Banco Santander, Spanish companies sympathetic to Fernando Alonso. Ron, in negos with them, was able to convince them to go BEYOND personal sponsorship and managed to nab them as team “partners” (to use Ron’s term.)

    Personal sponsorship, I think, wouldn’t be THAT hazardous. Senna, as I mentioned earlier, and Schumacher were able to pull it off, one would think. BUT, they don’t need personal sponsorship as a bait to get brilliant drivers. They already 2 of the best drivers and loads of the best sponsors (Vodafone, Diageo, Santander, MM, Hilton) with them, after all. So why offer it? :)

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