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I’m not a fan of football but I did spot something on The Times‘ coverage of it that I thought very interesting. Next to each game report they give the match a star rating out of five for entertainment value.

F1 fans, team owners and drivers alike are always talking about ways to improve the show – what better way to keep an eye on it than this?

With that in mind I’ve decided shameless theft is the way forward and will appropriate the idea for my own Grand Prix reports. Here are my verdicts on the races so far – what are yours?

Australian Grand Prix

A low-key start to the season with only a few points of interest – Lewis Hamilton’s remarkable pass at the start and Felipe Massa’s recovery drive.

Malaysia Grand Prix

Hamilton and Wurz provided the entertainment – the Briton defending superbly from Felipe Massa and the Williams driver passing several cars in his recovery drive after technical trouble in qualifying.

Bahrain Grand Prix

While it looked like stalemate up front there were some fascinating duels in the midfield mainly involving the Williams drivers and Jarno Trulli. David Coulthard also drove a stormer before his car failed him – a shame so much of it all was missed by the cameras.

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3 comments on “Rating the races”

  1. Neat concise summaries, Keith – and it’s good news for us that the score is increasing with each race. Dare I hope that the Monaco GP will merit a “5”?

  2. austrailia was not that interesting… kimi parade. a 2? mabey 1

    But Malysia… whoo hooo… Loved the first 15 laps with massa trying to pass hamilton. Great stuff. would give it a 4

    Bahrain was another parade… but might rate a 2 for nicks pass of fred.

    Not the greatest start to the season… but with all the new drivers and the tight wdc, I have great hopes for the rest of the season.

    What we really need is for bmw to continue to improve so that there are 6 relativly equil cars.

  3. Nathan Jones
    2nd May 2007, 9:41

    barcelona prediction = 0 = zzzzzzzz

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