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Rounding up this week’s top F1 press Steve Matchett’s cracking piece on flexible floors caught my eye. With the FIA committing to further restrictions of these it’s definitely an article worth reading and Matchett’s style is highly readable.

Also Renault in Rotterdam, Paffet in at Prodrive (possibly) and ITV in love with, who else, Lewis Hamilton. Plus seven more stories…

The Importance of a Correctly Supported Tea Tray – Steve Matchett exlains why flex-floors are the buzzwords of the year – and why the FIA is trying to stamp them out.

ITV unveils internet TV – No, it won’t include F1 coverage (don’t be so silly – that would be like progress and Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t like that) but it will include a David Coulthard column. At least they’ve finally read the writing that’s been written on the wall for many, many years.

Lauda tips Hamilton for 2007 title – Sooner or later someone was going to say it and it looks like three-times champion Niki Lauda got there first.

Lewis Hamilton’s Superman drives – his five best so far (written by yours truly).

Prodrive choice brings F1 debut closer for Paffett – It’s highly speculative but could we possibly see five Britons on the gris in 2008?

Renault coming to Rotterdam – Kudos to Renault for expanding their international F1 tour programme, and to Red Bll who recently took a car to Colombia. They missed the crest of the Juan Pablo Montoya wave by about a year, but what the hell.

Rare – and oh so beautiful – F1 car comes up for sale – The significantly-moneyed may get their hands on this classic Lotus 72 as driven by Graham Hill.

Is British art being driven in the right direction? – Ron Dennis has done a deal with the Arts Council to install some sculptural art in the team’s base befitting the futuristic McLaren Technology Centre.

Fast track to F1 data storage solution – The company that provides Renault’s server on the team’s single-minded pursuit of performance that sets them apart from ordinary businesses.

Bernie taking the pits out of Brundle – Martin Brundle’s grid walks have always been a highlight of ITV’s pre-F1 show. Doubly so this year as Bernie Ecclestone has started pointing him in the direction of various obscure dignitaries, leaving both parties equally perplexed. Luckily for Brundle next stop on the calendar is Spain, where he and King Juan Carlos are on good terms as Brundle has driven him around a lap in the McLaren two-seater F1 car.

Alan Fraser’s Screen Test: ITV laughing up the Lewis show – Not everyone is enjoying ITV’s coverage in quite the same way. Hamilton-mania is starting to grate with some.

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