Debate: What other motor racing do you watch?

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It’s been a long four week gap ahead of the next F1 race this weekend. Have you been watching any motor racing in the meantime? Have you been to any races?

I watch various touring car races this weekend and went to the BTCC round at Rockingham two weeks ago. Last weekend I was at Brands Hatch for the final round of this season’s A1 Grand Prix championship.

And a couple of Indy Racing League and Champ Car races have helped pass the time too. What’ve you been watching?

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13 comments on “Debate: What other motor racing do you watch?”

  1. Like yourself, BTCC, and when the various TV Networks get it right, I like to watch the WRC. What channel broadcasts IRL and Champ Car?

  2. The IRL is on Sky Sports – they just use the American feed and have some analysis by British presenters in the studio. It actually works very well, though I think once or twice last year they showed races delayed rather than live.

    Eurosport do Champ Car and although the commentary’s not bad they stick an irritating scrolling news bar on the bottom of the screen and cut to adverts very often with no warning and no regard to what’s going on on-track.

    If you haven’t got Sky you can go to the Champ Car website and watch the footage streamed live via Race Director for a couple of dollars a month. Provided you’ve got broadband it’s a very good system.

  3. I caught the MotoGP 250 and 500 races in Shanghai purely by chance. They were pretty good races, especially seeing the speed of this year’s Ducati and Rossi’s attempts to catch it. Funny thing was, the silly things only had two wheels…

  4. a1gp whenever i can
    champ car
    moto gp
    pretty much any motorsport run on tarmac i will watch

  5. I have been watching many thing on our “Speed” channel. I like the American Le Mans Series.

    I will also be watching the Americas Cup Sailboat Racing when it gets started. Slower than F1 – but Very very exciting.

  6. Paul, I’m with you, I LOVE watching America’s Cup. If you like your non-motor sports a bit faster, the Tour de France starts in a month or so, and it is surprisingly fun to watch on television.

  7. I’m with paul and Brien. America’s Cup is brilliant stuff to watch! Too bad it’s just once every 4 years. Even Schumi seems impressed by what they do.

    As for other motorsports, I watch a lot:
    MotoGP (125, 250, and 800)
    WTCC (Zandvoort just last Monday)
    British F3 highlights (once a week)
    ALMS highlights (also once a week)

  8. I live in western Canada. Out here the only motorsport we get is NASCAR on “Speed” vision and it disgusts me. I play the video games of the European style of motorsport and I love em all. Every once in a blue moon I get to catch an F1 or rally race on “Speed” but other than that I just wish of being so lucky to just go to a track and watch races other than amatuer drag racing. I hate drag racing (my theory is any idiot with enough money can build a fast car and race it in a straight line) and I can not stand NASCAR.

    Sorry to stumble off topic but can any british bloaks out there send me some episodes of Top Gear?

  9. Brendon, I suggest you look on YouTube. Many episodes are uploaded there, especially from the later seasons. BitTorrent is usually a good source for episodes as well.

  10. I’ve been paying close attention to my major love, motocross, following both the American Supercross series (now over) and the FIM World World Motocross championship.

  11. I’ve been watching moto gp, BTCC, DTM on F1’s 4 week break

  12. I used to watch F3000, but found GP2 to be more hype for less excitement (putting me in a very small minority). So I drifted to BTCC (go Plato, Chilton and Neal!) and MotoGP (go Rossi!) instead. Occasionally, I watch WRC, and I have even been known to watch F3, GT Racing and whatever other races are on Channel 4 early on Sunday mornings.

    I would watch A1GP and maybe even NASCAR were it not on past midnight on the terrestrial networks. I don’t have Sky (living in a listed building has its drawbacks), don’t get cable (too expensive) and I’m not yet in the habit of downloading or streaming whole races…

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