GP2: Aleshin subs for Ammermuller

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Michael Ammermuller’s injured wrist rules him out of GP2 action at Spain this weekend. Fellow Red Bull driver development pilot Mikhail Aleshin will take Ammermuller’s place in the ART team at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Russian Aleshin currently lies fourth in the World Series by Renault championship, in his second year in the series. He won the first round at Monza but collided with team mate Sebastian Vettel at the start of the second round and failed to finish.

Last time out at the N????rburgring he spun out at the first turn while again battling with Vettel. He started the second race 28th and finished 15th.

Ammermuller’s injury may keep him out for up to twelve weeks – this is likely to mean him missing the Monaco round of the championship and possibly also France and Britain. It is not clear whether Aleshin would be allowed to participate in both the WSR and GP2 rounds at Monte-Carlo at the end of this month.

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