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One Malaysian blogger has taken it upon himself to find out if the Sepang circuit really is in as bad a condition as Bernie Ecclestone says.

Also this week Michael Schumacher returns, Christian Klien eyes a race seat and the FIA eyes a reduction in downforce.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Bernie Says…

Did you think Bernie Ecclestone was exaggerating when he suggested the Sepang circuit wasn’t being kept in good enough condition? This Malaysian blogger provides photographs that suggests Ecclestone could have a point.

More F1 in the blogs

Focused Hamilton won’t fall into playboy trap as he bids to join list of sport’s immortals
– The Daily Mail’s apparently anonymous Formula 1 blogger reckons Jenson Button is too much of a ‘playboy’ to succeed, because he bought a Ferrari. What a crime.

Aygo with Toyota F1 decals – Another not entirely appropriate Toyota styled like an F1 car (see the Hilux from a few weeks ago). What’s next – an F1 Prius? F1-themed MR2s or Celicas would make more sense but, of course, Toyota doesn’t make interesting road cars any more.

New street circuits for 2008 – Someone’s looking forward to the changes to next year’s calendar already.

At the races – Is Fernando Alonso unhappy?

The FIA might clip some wings – Winglets to be reduced? Surely it’s high time downforce on F1 cars was slashed.

Who are those orange cars? – Spyker uncovered

Michael Schumacher still claims all the attention – Michael who? Sorry I was planning a feature on Lewis Hamilton…

Christian Klien to race for Honda F1 team in 2008 – Perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves but you’d think either current race driver would be glad to rid themselves of the shambles that Honda’s season has been so far.

And finally a correction from me. Last week I identified Samantha Wilcox as being a PR representative for an F1 team. I’m afraid she’s not – she is a PR rep, but she’s not in F1 – not yet at least! It’s still a blog worth checking out though.

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